December 16 2017. Snow Storm hits Central Illinois was Category 1 Blizzard with 85 mph winds reported. Six dogs were injured. In Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Snow Storm that hit produce up to 16 inches of snow on the ground possible. A dog was seriously injured when the tree fell on top of mobile home. December 17 2015. Category 3 Blizzard hits NJ PA NY including EF2 Snownado hits Youngstown, PA with winds up to 120 mph. Other blizzard hits OH WV was category 2. December 18 2015. Huge round of storms that hit a blizzard in Southern Colorado was Category 2 with 100 mph winds plus an EF1 Snownado with 110 mph winds that struck Denver, CO that killed one person when the tree fell on the car into blizzard. December 19 2017. Snow Storm hits Midwest including EF0 in the Southeast Iowa County Wisconsin that injured 2 people and a dog was also injured by Tornado Blizzard.

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