World War Three was the Third World War, which took place in the Early-21st Century.


During the late-2020s, Various parts of the Globe had been suffering from Intense Economic Strain, with the Economy in certain Countries just about reaching absolute Zero.

Various Smaller Wars had gone Off and On while Economic Negotiations were being held.

Eventually, North America and other parts of Europe Suffered Almost Total Economic Collapses, Plus, the Aforementioned Negotiations were becoming Heated, and Certain deals that had been thrown out were Rejected almost instantly.

In Addition, North Korea was already in a Civil War with Australia.

Timeline of the WarEdit

The Event that started the WarEdit

On May 30th, 2028, just after 1730 UTC, a meeting among European Leaders and United States President Paul Ryan was held in Washington, DC in what seemed to be a final attempt at reaching economic agreements..

Just after US Vice President Mitt Romney had discussed his own Proposition, Finally, North Korean Leaders just had it and Chinese President XI stated "We have repeatedly hit unsuccessful talks and agreements, in addition, things are only getting worse..."

Finally, after an Intense argument, It was then that the North Korean Leaders declared the start of World War III

May 31st to December 31st, 2028 - (The First Months of the War)Edit

War - 2

American Troops dealing with a Hostage Situation in the Bahamas on August 19th, 2028

On May 31st, 2028... North Korea had already started Attacks on south korea, japan and china.. While Russia decided to aid the Chinese.

At the same time, North Korea and China had finally underwent economic collapse.. thus adding the war fuel.

In the Month of June, North Korea had gained Alliance with Libya and the Ukraine, and had spread forces across Europe and overseas.

And people from South Korea had migrated to North and South America.