The great video game war was a war in in a virtual MMO video game that lead to a explosion of computer systems being unable to operate anymore for a year.


A school district realized that less and less students have been going to school and parents haven't ever saw their children. At the same time, a virtual reality MMO video game called Zesγsen gained popularity. School staff and the kid's parents decided to go inside the game and try to retrieve students there. Nobody refused to come out so thought the school staff left, the parents decided to wage war on the game. The first attack to attract players into the real world was hacking the game and inserting a virus when you attack the final boss. They then deleted the first town in the game so no one could start the game. The game company, Sol, decided to join the war. The war ended when Sol hired a pro player, Atticus2000, to fight for Sol. In the game, Atticus2000 died and so did everyone in Sol.


The game accidentally unleashed a virus due to a glitch in the game. Every computer in the world was disabled and unable to turn on. It took a year to finally fix the virus. Zesγsen never got a reboot and virtual reality MMO video games were never created anymore.

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