Typhoon Vipa
Typhoon (JMA)
Category 5 Typhoon (SSHS)
Maysak seen from the ISS 6.jpg
"Vipa before landfall in Hong Kong"
Formed June 15th, 2020
Dissipated June 21st, 2020
Highest winds 10-minute sustained:
320 km/h (200 mph)
1-minute sustained:
350 km/h (220 mph)
380 km/h (235 mph)
Lowest pressure 870 mbar (hPa); 25.69 inHg
Fatalities 2,122
Damage $13.3 billion (2020 USD)
Areas affected Hong Kong, Macau, Phillipines,

Typhoon Vipa, also known as Super Typhoon Vipa, was a tropical cyclone that hit Hong Kong and a part of the Philippines, and was the 4th named storm in the Pacific typhoon season. Vipa was also the first super typhoon to hit Hong Kong and the first to hit it since Nida in 2016, and broke the record for most strongest tropical cyclone with 1-minute sustained winds of 220 mph.


Vipa formed as a depression 600 miles East of the Philippines at 17.54 degrees North at 2 mph. 12 hours after formation, it becomes a typhoon, a category 1 on the SSHWS. With the sudden strengthening, Vipa started heading towards the Philippines largest island "Luzon", where it made landfall at 2:00AM PTZ. Soon after the landfall, Vipa started to strengthen rapidly where it became a Category 3 typhoon heading towards Macau and Hong Kong. 2 hours later, it became a Category 5 super typhoon. Once Vipa had been closer to Hong Kong, it had came in contact with a severe storm system Northwest of it, causing the typhoon to swing 40 degrees straight towards Hong Kong. Making landfall at around 10:00PM, where it headed into mainland China, dissipating...