Category 6 super typhoon (JTWC)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration September 14 – September 22
Intensity 325 km/h (200 mph) (1-min),  868 mbar (hPa)

Meteorological History Edit

On September 14, Tropical Storm Soudelour formed from an easterly wave and headed towards Guam. Infrared satellite images showed deep convection. Recon found 65 MPH winds at 8 am, but by 11 am they had found winds of 105 MPH. Typhoon Soudelour had rapidly intensified, and was forecast to become a super typhoon and headed west. JTWC issued typhoon warnings for the Philippines. Typhoon Soudelour, now a category 5 typhoon, made landfall on the 18th of September at peak intensity, in Tacloban City. A station north of the city recorded category 5 sustained winds of 164 MPH for 10 minutes as the eyewall passed over. Super Typhoon Soudelour weakened significantly to a category 3 typhoon, but not before restrengthening to a strong category 4 and made landfall somewhere in China on the 20th. Soudelour rapidly fizzled over mainland China and dissipating on the 22nd.

Impact Edit

Super Typhoon Soudelour caused over 2000 deaths and 9.8 Billion USD. Most of the deaths were from storm surge and flying debris. 1 person died in Guam when Soudelour passed over the island, bringing 85 MPH winds.

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