Typhoon Pabuk also known has Typhoon Caloy in the Philippines was a deadly and damaging storm and was the 5th Named storm the 1st Typhoon and the 2nd major typhoon of the Annuel typhoon season.

Category 4 Typhoon JMA/SSHWS
Fengshen 2008-06-21 0230Z

Pabuk making Landfall over the Phillippines
Formed March 20
Dissipated April 1
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 80.1
Highest winds 145
Lowest pressure 980
Damages $16,000
Direct Fatalities 8,000000
Indirect Fatalities 15
Missing 400
Areas affected Phillipines,Vetitnam,China
Part of the
2046 Pacific Typhoon Season

Metorlogical History Edit

A low formed on March 7 and began tp proceed twords guam were the storm would go over a swift deeping and slowly proceed twords the Phillippines and earned the name "Caloy" the storm later made landfall on the Phillipines as a category 4 the worst storm of the year until more major storms struck the storm dissipated over china on April 1.

Retirment Edit

The name Pabuk was removed and was replaced by the name Ketsueki which mean Bloods in Japaneese

In April of 2047 PAGASA and the WMO annouced that the name Caloy would be removed and replaced by the name Chito for 2050.

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