Category 5 Super Typhoon
Typhoon (1)

Typhoon In-Fa at Peak Intensity
Formed November 2
Dissipated November 22
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 100
Highest winds 180
Lowest pressure 901 mbar
Damages 4.3 bil USD
Direct Fatalities 123
Indirect Fatalities 167
Missing 170
Areas affected Philippines,Twain,Japan
Part of the
2019 Pacific Typhoon Season

Typhoon In-Fa also known has Typhoon Pearla in Philippines was a deadly Typhoon that killed hundreds and destroyed thousands of homes.

Retirement Edit

the name In-Fa was retired by the WMO in may of 2020 in was replaced by the name Chembi

the PAGASA announced that the name Pearla was going to striken of the list and was replaced by the Pauling which was the name chosen to replaced Pearla it will be used in the 2024 Season

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