On Dec.16, a tropical disturbance started to be Monitored. It developed into a TD, then made landfall in PNG as a TS. It strengthened into a C1, then into C2, and finally a C3 over Singapore. In made landfall in Singapore, or SPE as a C5. It weakened to a C4 over Brunei. It weakened to a TS. It rapidly strengthened and struck Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines as a C5, where PAGASA gave it the name Serena. It made a second land fall in the PHS as a C6. It weakened and hit SK as a C3 and Japan as C2. It made a final landfall in the KP as C1. It dissipated on Feb.2.

Typhoon Elise
Category 6 Super Typhoon
Temporary cyclone north

Formed Dec.18
Dissipated Feb.2
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 67.09
Highest winds 220MPH
Lowest pressure 860
Damages $800billion
Direct Fatalities 21,957,032
Indirect Fatalities 200,999
Missing 282
Areas affected PNG, Singapore, Brunei,Vietnam,China, Taiwan,

Philippines, SK, Japan, Kamchatka Peninsula

Part of the
2099 West Pacific Typhoon Season

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