Typhoon Chan-hom was a very deadly typhoon for Japan and Guam the storm killed 900

Meteorology History Edit

Category 5 Super Typhoon
Typhoon Shanshan 22 sept 2000 0425Z

Chan-hom at Peak intensity.
Formed June 30
Dissipated July 17
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 98.6 units
Highest winds 190
Lowest pressure 888
Damages 17 billion USD
Direct Fatalities 900
Indirect Fatalities 2
Missing 20
Areas affected Guam,Japan
Part of the
2019 Pacific Typhoon Season

On June 28 a invest formed the next day into intensified into stronger storm the next it was named Chan-hom the storm later rapidly strengthened into a Category 1 Typhoon and Struck Guam later, it rapidly intensified into a Category 5 Typhoon before later rapidly weakened into a weak cat4 before striking Japan and rapidly weakened into a depression and dissipating.

Retirement Edit

In spring of 2020 the WMO retired the name Chan-hom it was replaced by the name Hai-Mai

in Winter of 2019 the PAGASA announced that the name Falcon would be stricken of the list although the storm didn`t affect the Philippines. Because the storm did major damage to Guam and Japan the PAGASA retired the name anyway due to damage in Guam and Japan. the name Faye was chosen to replace Falcon for the 2024 Season

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