Tornadoes of 2020.

Tornadoes of 2020
Date of tornado outbreak: 2020
Duration1: January-December
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 1,766
Damages: $50.6 billion
Fatalities: 500+
Areas affected: United States

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

1766 1080 540 104 20 16 6

January Edit

January 23-25 Edit

A system of showers rapidly strengthened and produced tornadoes across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. A strong EF3 tornado hit Amarillio, Texas. A strong EF2 tornado hit Grayson, Oklahoma.

January 31 Edit

A system produced small weak tornadoes across the Midwest. A small EF1 tornado hit Greencastle, Indiana.

February Edit

February 10-14 Edit

Main Article: Early February 2020 Tornado Outbreak Sequence

A large tornado outbreak that produced strong tornadoes. An EF5 tornado hit Wray, Colorado. A strong EF4 tornado hit Saratoga, Wyoming.

March Edit

March 5-6 Edit

Strong tornado Outbreak.

March 17 (Japan) Edit

An EF2 tornado touched down in Tokyo killing 4 people.

March 31-April 2 Edit

Another strong tornado Outbreak impacted the Great Plains.

April Edit

April 4-6 Edit

A system produced tornadoes across Idaho and Montana.

April 25-26 Edit

Main Article: 2020 Indiana Tornado Outbreak

A very strong tornado outbreak that impacted Indiana killing 396 people.

April 30-May 1 Edit

A weak system produced 4 tornadoes in New York.

May Edit

May 9-14 Edit

A low pressure area caused tornadoes in New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. A strong EF3 tornado hit Texarkana, Texas. The same day, an EF4 tornado hit Aztec, New Mexico.

May 29-31 Edit

Another tornado outbreak to affect the Great Lakes.

May 30 (Nepal) Edit

A small tornado struck Kathmandu in the morning killing 26 people.

June Edit

June 2-6 Edit

Several strong tornadoes hit New England. An EF2 tornado hit the Southern section of Providence, Rhode Island.

July Edit

July 4 Edit

Main Article:2020 4th of July Tornado Outbreak

A tornado outbreak started in Oklahoma and Kansas due to a moist flow from the South and a cold flow from the North. The tornado cancelled 4th of July events.

July 21-23 Edit

A tornado Outbreak started in Florida from Hurricane Dolly.

August Edit

August 6-7 (Puerto Rico) Edit

Clusters of thunderstorms hit Puerto Rico causing several EF1 tornadoes.

September Edit

September 7-11 Edit

A tornado outbreak started in Indiana and Illinois. The system relatively produced weak tornadoes.

October Edit

October 1-2 Edit

A cluster of thunderstorms produced EF2 tornadoes across Ohio and Pennsylvania.

October 28-31 Edit

A tornado outbreak impacted Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska on Halloween.

November Edit

November 20-28 Edit

Main Article: 2020 Thanksgiving Tornado Outbreak Sequence

A tornado outbreak sequence happened on Thanksgiving killing 5 people.

December Edit

December 30 Edit

A cluster of storms started a tornado outbreak in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

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