The End of the World (also known as "The End") is the end of the world. The event happened from 2515 to 5565. it was the biggest disatster time zone in history.

Events Edit

January 26, 2515. the United States got hit by 5 major hurricanes on the same day. Hurricane mala, level 5, hit San Deigo. Hurricane nora, level 3, Hit Cape Hattaras, NC. Hurricane olea, level 6 hit Orlando. Hurricane Pam, level 5, hit Michigan (lower.) And hurricane quin, level 2, hit new york.

February 16, 2515. A level five tornado severely destroyed Hong Kong with 1000,000,000,000 killed people.

April 1, 2515. A painful April fools day for the France, because the effiel tower rusts and falls.


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