Category : 5

Areas impacted : Taiwan , Quezon province of Philippines , China , Japan

Power outages : 80 million Japan , 1 million Quezon , Philippines , 16 million China , 21 million Taiwan

Super Typhoon Lari was a major typhoon that was very destructive it did not lose strength on land and caused a total of 117 million to be without power as a result the death toll was 435 and the amount of people injured was in the 1,000 to 1,000,000 range as a result all coastal areas were affected and had a big bite taken out of them as a result it was the worst hurricane in the 2023 hurricane season it started when a wave occurred this waved made a TD or Tropical Depression and it strengthed by 7:00pm (UDT) it was a Category 2 typhoon as many as 10 million people were evacuated to safer areas others stayed and prepared extra hard for Super Typhoon Lari's landfall and it took as many as 2 days to cross the Chinese coast and make landfall in Taiwan and then it went out to sea and dissipated after a week.

Winds 5 min sustained : 125mph

Winds 10 min sustained : 185mph

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