Since 2019, NHC has decided to make a new list of names for the Eastern Pacific Basin. There are total of 8 lists opposed to the 6 lists that have always been used.

A new list for the Central Pacific Hurricane Season and the extra name list with X,Y and Z names will also be added, but with 4 list instead of 2.

Eastern PacificEdit

List 1 Alfred Beatty Charles Dacotah Edmund Foley Glencoe Hanan Inglis Juliana Klauck
Lafayette Marge Niall Olina Perry Reba Spencer Timona Vector Wikia
List 2 Aliyah Burnett Celsey Donavn Eda Flynn Geena Hansel Iowa Justin Karla
Linus Mandina Neilon Orlaith Pacifico Rabuka Sajur Tampa Valentino Waite
List 3
List 4 Abbey Bardol Cady Dale Echo Farris Gaiser Haig Idylewylde Jamar Kamla
Laird Macbeth Nathaniel Oblate Paffard Racine Samuel Tanera Valveno Whyte
List 5 Archilles Baila Calcott Daytona Erwin Fredoina Garfield Halene Ivano Jellicoe Kline
Lea Malkin Nathalie Ormonde Petronella Remegio Silia Tanner Vinie Weiden
List 6

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