Hurricane Fred
Category 4 hurricane (SSHS)
Formed November 27
Dissipated December 15
Highest winds 155
(1-minute sustained mph)
Lowest pressure 900 millibars
Damages $2.6 billion
Fatalities whatever
Areas affected See Hurricane Fred
Part of the
Hurricane Fred
The meteorological history of Hurricane Fred all began as Invest 99L.


It all started when Invest 92A was in the Indian, failing to devlop on November 24. It moved over Africa and on November 27 at 5 p.m. AST, it became TS Fred. Fred slowly became a Category 1 then a Category 2 then a Category 3.

Peak IntensityEdit

On December 5, Fred attained peak intensity of winds of 135 knots, gusting up to 200 knots, and a pressure of 900 millibars.
Hurricane Lenny 17 nov 1999 2004Z

Hurricane Fred just at peak intensity.

Then just a few seconds later, it weakened to 115 knots(130 mph) and the pressure rosed to 927 millibars.


Landfall in Puerto RicoEdit

Early on December 6, Fred made landfall in northern Puerto Rico as a 125 mph Category 3 hurricane and a pressure of 955 millibars. It then weakened back to a 110 mph moderate hurricane.

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