The May 4-8, 1964 tornado outbreak was a major tornado outbreak that produced 73 tornadoes, including three violent tornadoes. One of the tornadoes was rated F5, the highest on the Fujita scale. One of the most destructive tornadoes occurred in Michigan and was rated F4.

Confirmed tornadoesEdit

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May 4 eventEdit

List of confirmed tornadoes – Monday, May 4, 1964
F# Location County / Parish State Time (Local Time) Path length Summary
F2 ESE of Melrose Jackson WI 1640 9.7 miles Damage to farm buildings and trees.
F2 N of Whittier Linn IA 1730 2.3 miles A tornado caused $300,000 in losses.
F1 SSE of Sayner Vilas WI 1810 2.2 miles Damage to 4 resorts and woods.
F2 NW of Harpers Ferry, IA to SE of Ferryville, WI Allamakee (IA), Crawford (WI) IA, WI 1810 9.2 miles A tornado caused $500,000 in losses.
F2 S of Hopkinton to WSW Worthington Delaware IA 1815 4.7 miles 6 farmsteads extensively damaged.
F2 SSW of Hustler Juneau WI 2000-2020 7.7 miles Farm buildings were reportedly damaged.
F1 W of Necedah Juneau WI 2030 1 mile Touched down at least twice during its lifetime.

May 5 eventEdit

List of confirmed tornadoes – Tuesday, May 5, 1964
F# Location County / Parish State Time (Local Time) Path length Summary
F1 E of McKinley Barron WI 1415 0.3 miles Destroyed buildings and trees on farm.
F2 NE of Odin to NE of Dubuque Barton, Russell KS 1450 10.6 miles A tornado damaged several farm plants.
F4 Wolbach to E of Oakdale Greeley, Boone, Antelope, Pierce NE 1455-1550 51.2 miles A tornado destroyed a major portion of the city of Wolbach before lifting off of the ground. The tornado touched down a second time in an isolated area. The tornado went on to destroy several houses, school houses, and many farm buildings. The tornado moved in between the cities of Meadow Grove and Tilden before entering Pierce County, where the tornado dissipated.
F0 NE of Grenville Day SD 1500 0.1 miles Tornado touched down, but no damage reported.
F1 Tilden Antelope NE 1520 0.1 miles A tornado damaged a depot and other buildings in the Tilden area.
F2 Dannebrog to N of Kalamazoo Howard, Nance, Boone, Platte, Madison NE 1520-1645 0.1 miles A tornado moved parallel with the F4 tornado that struck Primrose, damaging numerous farm sites and the town of St. Edward. Only 7 injuries were reported from this tornado.
F1 WSW of Irene Yankton SD 1600 0.1 miles
F1 SW of Webster Day SD 1600 0.1 miles No damage reported.
F2 SE of New Effington to Victor Roberts SD 1620 4.5 miles A tornado caused damage to property and livestock.
F0 ESE of Mission Hill Yankton SD 1700 0.1 miles Slight damage reported.
F0 NNW of Pratt Pratt KS 1715 0.1 miles
F0 W of Tegarden Woods OK 1720 0.1 miles No damage reported.
F3 Fairmount, ND to SW of Doran, MN Richland (ND), Wilkin (MN) ND, MN 1730-1745 5.2 miles A tornado touched down in Fairmount, then moving into the state of Minnesota, where several farm buildings were damaged before lifting.
F2 N of Sawyer Pratt KS 1730 0.1 miles A tornado caused some damage along a short path.
F3 Sioux City to E of Hartley Woodbury, Plymouth, Cherokee, O'Brien IA 1800 67 miles A very large tornado destroyed at least 60 farms as it moved past Sioux City, Le Mars, and Hartley. At least $1,500,000 (1964 USD; $11,678,370 2017 USD) in damages resulted from the tornado.
F0 W of Alva Woods OK 1800 0.1 miles A tornado downed power lines.
F5 S of Hastings to Bradshaw to NW of Bellwood Adams, Clay, Hamilton, York, Polk, Antelope NE 1830 79.7 miles 4 deaths - A strong tornado touched down near Hastings, moving into Clay and Hamilton counties. The tornado moved into York County, where it directly struck Bradshaw at peak intensity, killing four and injuring 50. The tornado swept away numerous farms in Bradshaw. The tornado then moved into Antelope County, where it lost strength and dissipated. This was the only official F5 tornado in the state of Nebraska.
F2 NE of Pelican Rapids Otter Tail MN 1830-1845 3 miles A tornado touched down at a resort on Lake Lida, injuring 14 people, and some critically when their homes were demolished. The tornado blew one house into the lake, injuring eight occupants. Thirteen cottages and several barns were destroyed by the tornado. Also, many outbuildings were severely damaged or destroyed. Trees were uprooted, utility lines were downed, and one eyewitness claimed to have seen the water be drawn into the funnel from the lake. At least 60 families were affected by the tornado.
F1 SE of Alva Woods OK 1830 0.1 miles A swing set was dragged across the ground, and an old building was severely damaged.
F3 New Munich Stearns MN 2000 4.3 miles A tornado struck a rural area, damaging or destroying buildings and killing cattle on nine farms. Trees were uprooted and twisted off, utility lines were downed, and at least ten families were affected.
F3 SSW of St. John to NW of Sylvia Stafford, Reno KS 2045-2130 20.4 miles A tornado demolished numerous farm homes and buildings. At one farm, 17 ready-to-market fat cattle were all killed.
F3 S of Medicine Lodge to SW of Duquoin Barber, Harper KS 2045-2110 33 miles A tornado destroyed numerous farm plants.
F2 Herreid/Mound City Campbell SD 2100 16 miles
F2 NE of Sweetwater Roger Mills OK 2100 3.6 miles A tornado damaged four farmsteads along a "skipping" path. Several outbuildings were destroyed and glass was blown into several automobiles and homes. One newly-built home was moved six inches off of its foundation and was heavily damaged. An older home had its porch and roof torn off.
F2 WSW of Hague to SW of Streeter Emmons, McIntosh, Logan ND 2105 47.5 miles
F2 NE of Strong City Roger Mills OK 2220 11.6 miles A tornado damaged eight farmsteads along a ten-mile path. Barns and outbuildings were demolished and four cattle were killed. Trees were uprooted, and telephone and electrical lines were downed. One farm lost most of its buildings while the house was heavily damaged, with collapsed walls and a partially torn off roof.
F2 Manning to N of Healy Scott, Lane KS 2250 7.6 miles
F1 SE of Gove City Gove KS 2250 0.1 miles A trailer was destroyed, injuring one person.
F1 Seiling Dewey OK 2315 1 mile A tornado touched down on a farm just outside of Seiling and moved across six different farms. It destroyed three garages, caved in a silo, twisted numerous trees, and damaged a granary and a barn. The final farm lost two steel granaries, a hay shed, and a brooder house.
F1 E of Jefferson Grant OK 2345 3.3 miles

May 6 eventEdit

List of confirmed tornadoes – Wednesday, May 6, 1964
F# Location County / Parish State Time (Local Time) Path length Summary
F2 NNE of Nash Grant OK 0010 A machine shed was unroofed and several outbuildings were demolished.
F0 Fort Cobb Caddo OK 0100 8.3 miles A tornado caused minor damage to a house and a few barns.
F1 ESE of Craig Burt NE 0530 0.3 miles A tornado touched down and caused damage to a few farm buildings.
F2 N of Prague Saunders NE 0550 2.3 miles Several farms were damaged.
F2 NE of Sundell Alger MI 1800 A small tornado wrecked two barns and a garage was demolished when it was struck by a tree. 25 cattle were killed within one of the wrecked barns. The tornado caused at least $60,000 (1964 USD) in damages.

May 7 eventEdit

List of confirmed tornadoes – Thursday, May 7, 1964
F# Location County / Parish State Time (Local Time) Path length Summary
F2 N of Meadow Valley Juneau WI 1450 3.3 miles Destroyed some buildings on a farm.
F1 Rotan Fisher TX 1550 2 miles A tornado struck an implement shed about one mile northwest of Rotan and scattered it for half a mile. The tornado then destroyed a vacant house and a windmill tower.
F2 NNW of Boone Boone IA 1600 2 miles
F3 S of Hazelton Buchanan IA 1710 2.3 miles A tornado caused $35,000 (1964 USD) in damages.
F2 ESE of Oelwein Fayette IA 1728 2 miles
F2 Waterloo Black Hawk IA 1730 7.1 miles A tornado struck Waterloo, injuring 27 people and causing $500,000 (1964 USD) in losses.
F1 Hubbard Hardin IA 1730 2 miles
F1 Big Spring Howard TX 1730 0.7 miles A barn and several outbuildings were destroyed.
F0 Roby Fisher TX 1730-1740 1 mile Several utility poles were blown over.
F1 ENE of Colorado City to NNE of Loraine Mitchell TX 1745-1815 8.2 miles A church was heavily damaged, and many outbuildings were destroyed in Colorado City. Some roofs were damaged, and windows on homes were blown in. Several barn roofs were torn off also. Property damage was estimated at $50,000 (1964 USD).
F2 Wisconsin Rapids Wood WI 1800 0.5 miles 14 people were injured in the city of Wisconsin Rapids when an F2 tornado ripped through a trailer park.
F2 NE of Bayard Guthrie IA 1830 2 miles
F1 W of Waterloo Black Hawk IA 1835 1 mile

May 8 eventEdit

List of confirmed tornadoes – Friday, May 8, 1964
F# Location County / Parish State Time (Local Time) Path length Summary
F1 N of Scott City Scott KS 0300 0.1 miles One farm plant was severely damaged when a small tornado struck at a farm north of Scott City. The tornado was followed by strong winds.
F1 NE of Vermillion Union SD 0800 0.1 miles
F1 SSE of Menno Hutchinson SD 0930 1.5 miles A tornado damaged buildings and crops.
F1 SSW of Menno to SSW of Parker Hutchinson, Turner SD 1100 21.5 miles
F3 Sioux Center Sioux IA 1145 9.3 miles
F2 S of Harris Osceola IA 1235 5.1 miles
F2 Pontiac Oakland MI 1533 7 miles A tornado damaged six homes and a garage before striking a factory. At the factory, a wall was torn off and nearby homes sustained similar damage. Numerous trees were either blown over or uprooted.
F4 N of Mount Clemens Macomb MI 1559-? 3.3 miles 11 deaths - A violent tornado struck the area of Anchor Bay spreading death and many injuries as many buildings were completely swept away. The tornado first struck several homes, flattening all of them. The tornado then completely destroyed homes along a half-mile stretch, and moved into a rural area. The tornado struck another residential area, where the worst damage and most of the deaths occurred. Cars landed upside down on top of other cars, and numerous pieces of furniture were scattered about the area. 88 of the 244 injured were hospitalized, and 132 homes were completely destroyed. This was one of the strongest tornadoes in the state of Michigan's history.
F2 Luna Pier Monroe MI 1605 3.3 miles A tornado demolished a barn, a garage, and two sheds. The tornado also destroyed a newly-built trailer. The tornado also toppled trees, severed power lines, and injured a man when his semi-trailer was blown over on its side.
F2 NE of Ashley to SSW of Pike Lake Marathon WI 1650 12.3 miles
F2 SW of Clintonville Waupaca WI 1700 3.3 miles A farm was destroyed before destroying more farm buildings near Clintonville.
F2 White Creek Juneau, Adams WI 1715 23.5 miles
F2 SE of Readstown to SW of Hillsboro Vernon, Richland WI 1730 20.3 miles Two injuries were reported.
F0 NW of Fort Stockton Pecos TX 1750 1 mile No damage reported.
F2 Appleton Winnebago, Calumet, Outagamie WI 1830 30.6 miles Five injuries were reported.
F2 WNW of Elk Rapids to Bellaire Grand Traverse, Antrim MI 2126 16.6 miles A garage, a sugar house, and a roadside fruit stand were all completely destroyed by a tornado on a farm. The tornado also demolished a barn and four tenant cabins on another farm, plus a truck was blown upside down. A newly-built cottage was also completely demolished. Hundreds of cherry trees were uprooted in the center of Michigan's cherry growing district. The tornado caused at least $200,000 (1964 USD) in losses.
F2 Hawks Presque Isle MI 2258 17.9 miles A grocery store in Hawks was completely demolished, along with barns and machinery. Poultry buildings were also destroyed across several farms. Several other barns, buildings, and homes were reported damaged in the area. Livestock and poultry were killed and had a loss estimated at $5,000 (1964 USD). Total tornado damage was estimated at $300,000 (1964 USD).

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