Evansville, IN Tornado (2012)

An EF1 tornado spotted in Bladen County, North Carolina.

On May 4-5, 2016, a number of severe thunderstorms produced tornadoes throughout the U.S. State of North Carolina. The outbreak began at approximately 6:00 pm on May 4, with a tornado touching down in Johnston County, near Benson. The outbreak was responsible for 18 deaths and approximately $100 million in damage. It was the first major N.C. tornado outbreak since the April 16, 2011 tornado outbreak.

Tornadoes Edit

A total of 11 tornadoes were confirmed that night. The strongest one was an EF3 tornado that tracked right through south-central North Carolina, causing extensive damage as far west as Fayetteville and far east as Spivey's Corner. The tornado peaked in intensity in central Bladen County, near Bladenboro.

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