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Welcome to the Hypothetical Disasters WikiEdit

This is all about all types of disasters, even the hypothetical ones or ones that happened in movies.

Welcome to the Hypothetical Disasters Wiki!
The wiki on which you can create your own hypothetical Disasters.

Hypothetical Disasters Wiki - 882 articles and 14,321 edits edited by 7 active users
This wikia is for people who want to make articles for all kinds of Hypothetical Disasters, as they have come to their wonderful imagination. This wiki is where you can let your imagination run wild and create whatever Hypothetical Disaster comes to you're mind! Past, Present or Future! So let's see what you got!
A special thanks to Shurow Wiki, a wiki of Mariocart25Charizard's for the green-colored template you see on the front page, and to charly__6__ for the black-colored template too!
Let's get editing!

Welcome allEdit

This all about hypothetical disasters, past, present and future. And it can disasters like, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, quakes, Hypercanes, Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, snow storms, heat waves, cold, super freezes, asteroids, UFO invasions, wildfires and more.

Just come on and lets see what you got.

Getting StartedEdit

OK, so if you don't know where to start, here are some sample pages that may get you an idea as to what you can do:

How To VideosEdit

You can even watch How-To Videos, depending on what you wanna learn. (List Of How-To Videos)

Wiki NewsEdit

Latest Hypothetical Disasters wiki news:

News of 2015:

  • EFFECTIVE May 12, 2015, Starting Today, this wiki will receive new Changes and new Things.
  • EFFECTIVE September 15, 2015, The Wiki has officially hit it's 100th Article
  • EFFECTIVE September 25, 2015, How-To Videos have been added to help New or Inexperienced Editors.
  • EFFECTIVE September 25, 2015, The Wiki received a new look, replacing the 3+ Year Old Look

News of 2016

  • EFFECTIVE Around June 2016, The wiki has officially hit it's 450th Article
  • EFFECTIVE June 12 the wiki received a new look
  • EFFECTIVE September 14, 2016, the wiki received a new look

Latest activityEdit

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