Hurricane Patty
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHS)
Patty at peak intesity
Formed September 24
Dissipated October 11
Highest winds 1-minute sustained:
180 mph (285 km/h)
Lowest pressure 891 mbar (hPa); 26.31 inHg
Fatalities 1,538
Damage $78.1 billion (2012 USD)
Areas affected Jamaica, Cuba, Eastern Mexico, Texas
Part of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricane Patty of 2012 was the most costliest storm of that atlantic season. Forming on September 24, it was called TD One over Cape Verde. One moved west and strengthened into TS Patty over the Lesser Antilles on September 25. Patty intesified into a Category 5 hurricane quickly on September 26 but weakened to a Category 4. Patty re-intesfied to a Category 5 on September 29 and attained its peak intesity. It started to move more towards Mexico and was expected to make landfall there, but turned northwestard and made landfall in Austin, Texas on October 3 as a C3 hurricane. Patty weakened back to a Tropical Storm quickly on October 4 and a depression on the 10th of October before getting absorbed on October 11.

Meteorological HistoryEdit

Patty's origins came from a tropical wave on September 21 over Africa. It had a 100% chance of developing through the next 5 days. The tropical wave became Tropical Depression One on September 24 over Cape Verde. TD One intesfied on September 25, becoming a Tropical Storm named Patty. Due to wind shear near Patty until 06:00 UTC September 25, Patty never strengthened and was predicted to dissipated. On September 26, it intesified to a Category 5 from 06:00 to 15:30 UTC. It weakened back to a Category 4 at 18:50 UTC. Patty re-strengthened to a Category 5 on September 29 and attained its peak intesity, 180 mph(285 km/h) and 891 mbar/hPa, 26.31 inHg. It weakened back to a Category 4 for the final time on September 30. It then weakened to a Category 3 on October 2 and then made landfall in Austin, Texas on October 3. It weakened to a tropical storm on October 4. It remained 40 mph until October 10, when it weakened to 30 mph tropical depression before getting absorbed on October 11.


Yucatan PenusliaEdit

Lots of houses were destroyed in the Yucatan area of Mexico. It was worth $60 million in 2012 USD.

Gulf CoastEdit


Most of the damage in the Gulf Coast was caused in Texas. It was worth $76.02 billion over there in Texas.


Louisiana had some serious impact. It was worth $2.01 billion over there.

West MississipiEdit

Only $10 million in Mississpi.



In the spring of 2013, Patty was retired and replaced with Pamela for 2018.