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Hurricane Mickey was a category 5 hurricane that hit Florida in October 2052.

Meteorological History Edit

On October 2, a tropical wave exited the coast of Africa. Dry air in the eastern Atlantic limited tropical cyclogenesis. The wave reached the Caribbean Sea on October 11. The next day, a burst of convection developed near the center and a closed circulation developed, resulting in the classification of Tropical Depression Fourteen. Six hours later, Fourteen became Tropical Storm Mickey. The cloud tops on Mickey cooled explosively and convection became deeper. Just 18 hours after being named, Mickey intensified into a hurricane. Mickey tracked northwestward towards the Yucatan Peninsula. Mickey's forward speed decreased, and an upper level anticyclone developed atop the system. Due to very warm waters of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, no shear and moist air, Mickey began explosive intensification. A pinhole eye developed and Mickey intensified to a category 3 hurricane early on October 13. By 18:00 UTC that day, data from a Hurricane Hunter flight showed Mickey was a category 5 hurricane with winds of 190 mph. Mickey then acquired peak winds of 220 mph and a minimum pressure of 857 mbar on October 14. Mickey then weakened to a category 4 hurricane due to an eyewall replacement cycle on October 15, but regained category 5 status the next day just before landfall. At 3:30 UTC on October 16, Mickey made landfall near Clearwater, Florida. Mickey rapidly weakened inland and degenerated into a remnant low on Octiber 18.

Impact Edit

Mickey caused 88 deaths and $175 billion in damage. It was one of the most destructive hurricanes in Florida history.

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