Hurricane Kiko
Category 5 Hurricane
Untitled drawing by toilets24-d8iqz7o

Kiko's Track
Formed Jun.22
Dissipated Jul.1
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 50.04
Highest winds 195MPH
Lowest pressure 871
Damages $18.9billion
Direct Fatalities 384
Indirect Fatalities 5
Missing 6
Areas affected Hawiian Islands
Part of the
2019 Pacific Hurricane Season

Kiko was a record breaking hurricane that obliterated parts of Hawaii. It killed a total of 389 people and left 6 missing including Katy Perry who was on a "relaxing" vacation in Hilo, Hawaii. She was eventually found on an abandoned cruise ship offshore Cabo San Lucas, Baja California on Oct.6, 2019. It was the costliest hurricane in Hawaii's and east pacific hurricane. It caused apocalyptic damage in Hilo and Volcano Hawaii.

History Edit

All detail unknown until Cat.3 status.

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