Hurricane Kika was the 2nd major and hurricane and the first CPac storm.

Category 5 Major Hurricane SSHWS
Typhoon Ioke 28 aug 2006 0130Z

Kika after ut devastated Maui
Formed June 6
Dissipated June 28
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 16.16
Highest winds 165
Lowest pressure 975
Damages $9000 USD
Direct Fatalities 18,00000
Indirect Fatalities 11,00
Missing 350
Areas affected Hawii,Japan
Part of the
2020 Pacific hurricane season,2020 Pacific Typhoon Season

Metoraligcal History Edit

On June 3 a weak low came off of Johnstons atoll and began to fizzel out when it began to organized the storm was quickly named on June 6 "Kika" by the CPHC and later the storm would rapdily intensify and make landfall on Maui as a intense category 4 storm.

Pali 2016-01-12 2135Z

Kika as a category 2 storm

Kilo 2015-08-29 2220Z

Newly upgraded Kika nearly Maui as a 130 mph storm

Gordon 2012

Kika intensifying as a category 3

Retirment Edit

In Spring of 2021 the WMO retired the name Kika due it's destruction in Maui, Hawii and will never be used again for a central pacific storm the name Kika was replaced by Kalina which is Katrina in Hawiian.

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