Hurricane Jim
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHS)
Hurricane Rita

Jim at landfall
Formed August 2
Dissipated August 4
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 15.85
Highest winds 160 mph
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 924 mbar
Damages ~$15 billion
Direct Fatalities 147
Indirect Fatalities 21
Missing 2
Areas affected United States Gulf Coast (primarily Texas), northern Mexico
Part of the
2031 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Hurricane Jim, also known as the 2031 Surprise Hurricane, was the shortest-lived category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record, and the fastest intensifying Atlantic hurricane on record.

Meteorological History Edit

A tropical disturbance suddenly formed in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico on August 1. The disturbance was initially expected not to develop due to high wind shear on the storm's original projected path. On August 2, the disturbance was designated Tropical Depression Twelve. TD Twelve quickly intensified to Tropical Storm Jim at 11AM with 50 mph winds. At 5PM, winds had rapidly intensified to 105 mph. At 8PM, winds had reached 130 mph, and by the 11PM advisory, winds had reached 150 mph. Early on August 3, Jim acquired its peak intensity of 160 mph winds while situated about 100 miles southeast of Houston. Jim then made landfall as a high-end Category 4 in Texas, causing 168 deaths and $15 billion in damage.

Retirement Edit

Due to the impact of Jim, the name Jim was retired and replaced with Joe for the 2037 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

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