Hurricane Ivan was the strongest storm of the hyper active 1992 Atlantic Hurricane Season it was the a very large storm for a 165 MPH peak.

Category 5 hurricane (SSHS)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration July 21 – August 7
Intensity 190 mph (305 km/h) (1-min),  911 mbar (hPa)

Impacts Edit

Ivan had huge impacts on were it made it`s to landfalls.

Relief Efforts Edit

After Ivan had devastated Mexico`s Yucatan Peninsula and Texas the Mexican and American worked to make relief efforts the reconstruction to both areas were complete by 2009.

Tornadoes Edit

Ivan spawned more tornadoes than any Hurricane.

Galveston Edit

the island of Galveston Texas was sunken until 1993 due a water leak not Ivan but Ivan sunk it completely

Yucatan Peninsula Edit

The Yucatan Peninsula was destroyed in buildings terms with more than 2000000000000 homes removed.

Retirement Edit

In Spring of 1998 due amounts of life and damage Ivan caused the name was retired from the naming it will never be used for an another Atlantic Hurricane Season it was replaced by the name Igor for the 1998 Season

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