Hurricane Isaac
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS)
Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Isaac at peak intensity
Formed October 1, 2042
Dissipated October 21, 2042
Accumulated Cyclone Energy {{{accumulated cyclone energy}}}
Highest winds 190 mph
(1-minute sustained)
Lowest pressure 873 mbar
Damages $105.5 billion (2042 USD)
Direct Fatalities {{{direct fatalities}}}
Indirect Fatalities {{{indirect fatalities}}}
Missing {{{missing}}}
Areas affected Cape Verde, Lesser Antilles, Northern South America, Yucatan Peninsula, Cuba, Florida, United States East Coast, Atlantic Canada
Part of the
2042 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Isaac was a costly, long-lived and intense hurricane that formed in October 2042. It was known for being one of the easternmost and longest-lived Atlantic hurricanes in October history.

Meteorological History Edit

On September 29, a tropical wave exited the coast of Africa and the NHC began monitoring the system. It was then designated Potential Tropical Cyclone 94L on September 30. On October 1, the low pressure cell developed into a small tropical depression and was designated Tropical Depression Ten. Ten then intensified into Tropical Storm Isaac on October 2. Isaac slowly intensified, and intensified into a category 1 hurricane on October 4 as a small eye had developed. Rapid intensification then took place under a moist environment with minimal wind shear, and by 00:00 UTC on October 6, Isaac was a category 4 hurricane with winds of 145 mph. Drier air and increasing wind shear, in addition to an eyewall replacement cycle, began to quickly weaken the system. By October 8, Isaac had weakened all the way back to a tropical storm as it approached the Lesser Antilles. Models diverged on the future of the system; the ECMWF model forecast Isaac to dissipate into a remnant low, while the GFS and HWRF expected Isaac to re-intensify into a major hurricane several days later. Isaac caused moderate damage over the Lesser Antilles, with 8 deaths total in the region, most of which occurred on October 8 or 9. At 12:00 UTC on October 9, a new eye had developed and Isaac had re-intensified into a category 1 hurricane. The next day, Isaac became a 100 mph category 2 storm as it was located just northwest of South America. This made Isaac one of the southernmost Atlantic hurricanes on record. Isaac then briefly weakened to a 90 mph category 1 hurricane, but explosive intensification took place afterwards as the system an area with no wind shear and plentiful atmospheric instability.

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