Hurricane Illan was a extremely destructive hurricane that impacted Hawaii in 2052.

Hurricane Illan
Category 5 hurricane (NHC/NWS)
Hurricane daniel 2006

Illan at peak intensity
Formed August 10
Dissipated September 1
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 98
Highest winds 190 mph (305 km/h)
Lowest pressure 899
Damages 12 billion
Direct Fatalities 129
Indirect Fatalities 12
Missing 1,000
Areas affected Hawaii,California
Part of the
2052 Pacific hurricane season

Meteorological history. Edit

Illan 2052 track

Map plotting the track and intensity of the storm according to the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale

Illan's origins are traced to a ITCZ (intertopical-convergence zone) circulation. an tropical wave entered the circulation, and by early August 10. a tropical depression formed. weak but well-organized. it quickly strengthened to a tropical storm. and naming it Illan.

Illan's strength was unchanged for 3 and a half days. it later underwent an extremely powerful case of rapid deepening and it also attained annular characteristics.

the intensity was unchanged for several days until a eyewall replacement cycle took place.

Illan didn't weaken a lot during the replacenent cycle.

and it regained category 5 again, but that was short-lived.

it weakened slowly to a category 4. then to a category 3. and quickly weakened to an category 1 hurricane by landfall.

Restrengthing and dissipation Edit

shortly after exiting Hawaii. Illan was a large and disorganized tropical storm. it was thought originally it became extratropical. but in the TCR it wasn't fully extratropical at all, an small trough pulled Illan to the northeast. after the trough dissipated. Illan pulled a small and thight loop*. and it finally attained category 1. altough a small system now. Illan rapidly organized as it attained category 2.

early on August 31. it again attained category 3. but this was brief.

it later weakened quickly. and by late September 1. Illan was only a remnant low. The remnant low persisted for 1 week before evolving into an strong low that caused a destructive severe outbreak.

Impact Edit

altough Illan was at category 1 at landfall. Illan's impact in Hawaii was catastrophic. most of Hawaii's big island's building were collapsed/destroyed. including the Mauna Kea Observatory.

Retirement Edit

the name Illan was retired in the spring of 2053. it was replaced by Isabelle for 2058

notes: Edit
*at this point the NHC re-issued advisories. Edit

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