Category 2 hurricane (SSHS)
Hurricane Helene 2006.jpg
Duration July 15 – July 28
Intensity 105 mph (165 km/h) (1-min),  972 mbar (hPa)

A low Tropical depression formed of the coast of Africia and then formed into Tropical storm Ginny.Then the storm went into the coast of South America. then it formed into a Hurricane on June 9 WiNDs: 80 mph, pressure 992 then the storm formed into a Cat 2 hurricane then the storm made landfall in FlorIda and when was a tropical storm then it Formed into a hurricane again and then made landfall in New York and then got out of New York and then went to the little Iland and cause $200,500,600 in damge then the storm went in to Africia at 65mph and then formed into a tropical depression on june 28 then the storm died the new storm name was... Gina :D In total this storm killed 152 people and $508,600,325 in damage :C.

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