Hurricane Emily was the 5th named storm and the 2nd hurricane and major and is the strongest storm before August beating it`s record from 2005. That affected the Bahamas.

Hurricane Emily
Category 5 Major Hurricane
Joaquin Geostationary VIS-IR

Emily at peak intensity nearing Nassau in the Bahamas
Formed June 21
Dissipated June 29
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 22.1
Highest winds 165
Lowest pressure 905
Damages $800
Direct Fatalities 550
Indirect Fatalities 15
Missing 27
Areas affected Bahamas
Part of the
2017 Atlantic hurricane season

Meteorological History Edit

On June 19 a low pressure area formed and quickly developed into a on June 21 the depression formed and later that day became Emily. The storm would rapidly intensify into a category 5 hurricane.

Retirement Edit

In Spring of 2018 the WMO retired the name Emily from the name list never to be used again the name Emily was replaced by Eli for 2023.

Storm Images Edit

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