Hurricane Elizabeta was a devastating hurricane from the 2126 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Elizabeta is known for staying over Florida for 4 days straight, causing demonic damage that surpassed Katrina's easily. Elizabeta was only beaten by Superstorm Niko later on in the season. Elizabeta was devastating to Bermuda as well, nearly sinking it.


The whole state of Florida was evacuated, and most did not listen because it was just a tropical storm.

Hurricane Elizabeta

Elizabeta's track

Citizens from Bermuda were flown away to the Bahamas, as they knew the giant storm would sink the island. Most listened, as Floridians did not. Many lives were lost due to lack of listening to evacuation orders, nearly 1000.


Elizabeta was a gigantic storm formed by many globs of thunderstorms combined into one. Currently, Elizabeta is the most damaging hurricane in US history at $150 billion. This massive hurricane started its life near the gulf at July 10th, and became a tropical storm with a maximum wind speed of 70 mph. Forecasts were expecting it to make a turn into Florida, and they were right. Elizabeta slowly moved towards Florida while growing in size, nearly being 1.5x the size of the gulf of Mexico. It then made a direct hit on it. Forecasts said it would then turn away, but it lingered over Florida for 4 days, bringing colossal rainfall to over 20 states as it slowly moved up north over Florida, still while maintaining a strong tropical storm status. Elizabeta then downgraded to a depression, but further strengthened, and the massive hurricane devastated Bermuda. It then moved up as a larger extratropical cyclone absorbed it, and it affected iceland in major ways. Elizabeta maintained tropical status while over Iceland, but fell into the harsh temperatures of the arctic ocean, and eventually died out.


Due to the absolutely massive ammount of damage caused, Elizabeta was retired. It will be replaced with Emma for the 2131 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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