Category 5 Major Hurricane
Wilma at peak

Dolly at Peak near Belize
Formed August 1
Dissipated September 2
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 96
Highest winds 190
Lowest pressure 883
Damages 105 Bil USD
Direct Fatalities 1,200
Indirect Fatalities 1,500
Missing 190
Areas affected Belize,Louisiana
Part of the
2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Dolly was a strong hurricane that was super devastating.

Dolly 2020 Track Copied

Dolly`s Track


Dolly as a strong cat4 near it`s second Landfall

  • Dolly as TS
  • Dolly as a cat1 storm after weakening storm
Fred 2015-08-30 1435z

The Precursor to Dolly

Katrina After NORL Impact

Dally making landfall

Retirement Edit

The Name Dolly was retired in Spring of 2021 by the WMO it was replaced by the name Dory for the 2026 season.

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