Hurricane Cristobal was the 3rd named storm the 2nd hurricane (officall) and the offical 1st major.

Category 5 Major Hurricane
Danielle Aug 27 2010 1740Z

Cristobal shortly after being classifies as cat5
Formed June 10
Dissipated June 21
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 16.75
Highest winds 160
Lowest pressure 976
Damages $0 USD
Direct Fatalities 0
Indirect Fatalities 16
Missing 0
Areas affected Bermuda
Part of the
2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Metoraligical History Edit

On June 7 a tropical wave formed of off Africa and proceeded to organize, the wave encouterd shear and begin to disorganize,whilst struggling to gain any organization the nhc gave it a low chance of formation on June 9, the system was upgraded to depression 03L. Three gained organization and was upgraded a tropical storm and earned the name"Cristobal" Cristobal rapidly intensifed into a category 3 hurricane whilst lookking like a us landfall is promenit,however Cristobal turned Northeast and aimed at Bermuda,whilst being upgraded to a category 4 and then the very ext day a cat5 the first one sonce Matthew in 2016. The storm began to weaken in the shear, eventually dissipating northwest of Bermuda on June 21.

Retirment Edit

The WMO did not retire Cristobal and it will be used on the 2026 naming list.

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