Hurricane Bob was the most deadliest and destructive storm sof far of the season , Bob is the second named storm of the 2017 meditrranean hurricane season were it is the 1st Hurricane and Major Hurricane. Bob was the 20th coastlist storm on record as well as the 3rd deadlist storm

Hurricane Bob
Category 5 Huricane-Intense Medicane SSHWS/DHC
Seymour 2016-10-25 2230z

Bob peaking as a category 5 as the first warnings have appeared in Italy at 1:00 AM
Formed March 6
Dissipated March 14
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 1.93
Highest winds 160
Lowest pressure 928
Damages $800 Euros
Direct Fatalities 500
Indirect Fatalities 88
Missing 15
Areas affected Greece, Italt
Part of the
2017 Meditrranean hurricane season
Bob lasted 20 days.

Records of Storms Edit

This shows the top 3 storms

Deadliest Storms Edit

Storm Year Fatilities Retired Replacement Name
Jerry 2015 1,000 Yes John
Coffe 2016 900 (indirect 900 12 actual Fatilites No None
Bob 2017 500 TBA TBA

Coastliest Storms Edit

Storm Year Damage (Euros) Retired Replacement Name
Andrea 2015 900 Euros Yes Allison
Bob 2016 800 Euros TBA TBA
Daisy 2016 100 Euros No None

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