Hurricane Blas was the first hurricane and the first major hurricane of the 2016 season.

Category 5 Major Hurricane SSWS
Hurricane Blas 25 jun 1998 1500Z

Blas at peak
Formed July 3
Dissipated July 14
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 15.12
Highest winds 165
Lowest pressure 757
Damages $300
Direct Fatalities 11
Indirect Fatalities 2
Missing 5
Areas affected Santa Clara Island (Baja Califonia)
Part of the
2016 Pacific hurricane season

Meteorological History Edit

On July 3 a Depression formed and within six hours it became "Blas" the storm would rapidly intensify into a category 5

Impact Edit

Baja California`s Santa Clara Island Edit

Blas passed over these islands as a Cat3 and caused some damage.

Retirement Edit

In Spring of 2017 the WMO retired the name "Blas" from the Epac name list and it will never be used again to name any storms in the Epac again it was replaced Brock for 2021

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