Tropical Storm Arthur was an unusual hurricane that only caused minimal damage, but did some damage to many NFL fans. It resulted in the postponement of Super Bowl LXVI on February 1, 2032 to six days later, resulting in a "Super Bowl Saturday" for the first time.

Meteorological History Edit

On January 28, the NHC began monitoring an upper-level low east of the Bahamas for possible tropical or subtropical cyclogenesis. Two days later, the low gained a closed circulation and was named Tropical Depression One. Moving westward, the storm intensified into Tropical Storm Bertha on January 31. Under record-warm water temperatures of 86 F Arthur rapidly intensified in just 12 hours from a 40 mph tropical storm to a 75 mph hurricane. Arthur than made landfall early on February 1 over Miami, Florida, where Super Bowl LXVI was planned to be held.

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