Hurricane AdaEdit

Category 4 tropical cyclone (SSHS)
Ada2110.png Ada2110track.png
Duration June 12, 2110 – June 23, 2110
Intensity 240 km/h (150 mph) (1-min),  937 hPa (mbar)

On June 11, a tropical wave formed over the western Atlantic Ocean about 1000 miles east from Puerto Rico and rapidly strengthened to tropical storm status at 2:00 UTC the next morning. Moving at about 4 knots an hour, the storm quickly intensified to a category 1 hurricane. Ada moved WNW at about 7 knots an hour for nearly 36 hours until as a category 2 hurricane, it moved west. As Ada continued to strengthen and move closer to land, hurricane watches were placed for the Eastern Bahamas. In the early hours of June 17, the Hurricane Hunters warned that Ada took an ominous turn northwest, now as a category 4 hurricane with 140 mph winds. Later that day, the Hurricane Hunters flew into the eye of Ada at peak intensity, 150 mph winds and 937 hPa (mbar). Several newschannels nationwide predicted this to be the next devastating hurricane that will destroy Charleston, SC. This changed when Ada weakened back to a category three and turned west. Hurricane warnings were issued for the Bahamas and hurricane watches were issued on the coast of eastern Florida. On June 19, about 18 hours after warnings were issued, Ada made landfall on the island of Great Abaca in the Bahamas as a category 3 hurricane, killing 7 people. Just after, Ada started to turn north, making several southeastern states panic about how little time they will have to prepare. However, Ada only affected North and South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland. Ada slowly moved ENE until becoming extratropical on June 23.

                  There were 11 fatalities from Ada, 7 in the Bahamas and four in the United States. There were $700 million dollars of damage, most of it in the Bahamas, to weak homes and structures. Prime Minister Klaus Beck ordered three tons of food to be brought to Great Abaca due to the blockage of transportation from flooding. Fortunately, the mission was succesful, and nobody else died in the area. 
     In the USA, very few houses were destroyed, due to preparation.

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