Hudson Valley Earthquake of 2017
The Ramapo Fault

The Quake was Primarily caused by the Ramapo Fault
Date June 7th, 2017
Time 4:29 PM
Duration 1 Minute (60 Seconds)
Magnitude 6.5 (moment magnitude scale)
Depth 16km
Epicenter The Ramapo Fault
Type Strike-Slip
Areas affected New York, Mostly Hudson Valley
Total damages $390 Million
Maximum intensity VI - Severe
Foreshocks Unknown
Aftershocks 100 - which lasted till the end of July.
Total casualties 20 dead, 37 injured, 10 missing

The Hudson Valley Earthquake of 2017 was a Particularly strong quake that primarily caused problems in New York.


The EventEdit

  • Some Building Damage near Central Islip, NY
  • Aftershocks caused shaking and other affects as far away as Maine

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