A Tornado outbreak started on February 10 and ended on February 14.

Early February 2020 Tornado Outbreak Sequence
Date of tornado outbreak: February 10-14, 2020
Duration1: 3 days, 22 hours
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 48
Damages: Unknown
Fatalities: 1
Areas affected: Rocky Mountains

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

48 13 16 10 5 3 1

Major Tornadoes Edit

Wray, Colorado Edit

At 6:00 PM, a large violent tornado touched down near Wray. It quickly moved towards Wray and cut right through Wray. The tornado killed 1 person.

Tornadoes Edit

February 10 event Edit

EF# Location State County/Parish Info.
EF0 Cheyenne WY Laramie Brief touchdown
EF1 Aspen CO Pitkin High end EF1 tornado hit Aspen at 4 PM causing $100,000 in damage.
EF1 Carter WY Uinta Rope tornado.
EF2 Pratt KS Pratt Tornado destroyed homes in Western Pratt. A school's roof was torn off the building along with several homes in the area. A gas station sustained high end EF2 damage and was almost obliterated.
EF1 Littleton CO Arapahoe Small tornado that snapped trees and power lines.
EF0 Denver CO Denver Brief touchdown
EF3 Dodge City KS Ford A strong tornado entered the Dodge City limits. A neighborhood was completely obliterated.
EF0 Mountain City NV Elko Brief touchdown
EF3 Casper WY Natrona, Converse A Supermarket was obliterated. Trees were snapped or uprooted.
EF2 Douglas WY Converse A roof off a home was torn off. Debris was found 30 miles West of Rapids City, South Dakota.
EF0 Denver CO Denver Brief touchdown. Second tornado to hit Denver.
EF1 Boulder CO Boulder Trees were snapped. A tree fell through a house.

February 11 event Edit

EF# Location State County/Parish Info.
EF2 Mitchell NE Scotts Bluff Several homes were damaged including a Swifty Gas Station, where 3 people were injured. This even may have been more than one tornado.
EF4 Colorado Springs CO El Paso 50 poorly built homes were completely destroyed and a grocery store was almost obliterated.
EF5 Wray CO Yuma 1 death. See section above
EF0 Wray CO Yuma Brief touchdown
EF2 York NE York Stovepipe tornado that caused extinctive damage in York.
EF1 Denver CO Denver Brief touchdown
EF4 Salt Lake City UT Salt Lake Extensive damage.
EF0 Aspen CO Pitkin Brief touchdown
EF0 Joplin MO Jasper Brief touchdown
EF1 Joplin MT Liberty Brief touchdown
EF3 Cheyenne WY Laramie Several vehicles were overturned. Homes were destroyed.
EF2 Des Moines IA Polk, Warren Roofs off of homes were torn off. A school suffered major roof damage.
EF1 Gary IN Lake Brief touchdown


February 12 event Edit

EF# Location State County/Parish Info.
EF4 Saratoga WY Carbon, Albany A large wedge tornado passed through Saratoga. 23 people were injured when the tornado struck a store at about 3 PM. No deaths, but there were some serious injuries.
EF3 Harrisburg IL Saline A strong tornado impacted the western edge of Harrisburg.
EF3 Lawrenceville IL Lawrence A stovepipe tornado passed south of Lawrenceville and caused major damage to some homes. It mostly stayed over a rural area. A barn was completely destroyed and a farmhouse was leveled. Nobody was killed, but some people had minor injuries.
EF1 Norman OK Canadian A small rope tornado touched down in Norman, damaging homes. A tree fell through a well built house.
EF0 Bridge Creek OK Grady Brief touchdown
EF2 Tuttle OK Grady Rope tornado.
EF1 McLoud OK Pottawatomie Rope tornado.
EF1 Paducah KY McCracken Brief touchdown
EF0 Bloomington IN Monroe Brief touchdown
EF0 Oolitic IN Lawrence Brief touchdown
EF0 Columbus IN Bartholomew Brief touchdown

February 13 event Edit

EF# Location State County/Parish Info.
EF1 Cave City KY Barren A small EF1 tornado touched down in an open field near Cave City. Minor damage was caused at a small theme park northwest of the town.
EF2 Lexington KY Fayette A small building was leveled. Several vehicles in a parking lot were overturned. A home south of downtown suffered major roof damage. This event could have been an EF3 tornado.
EF1 Seymour TN Blount, Sevier Rope tornado touched down and moved north into Seymour.
EF2 Gatlinburg TN Sevier A low-end EF2 tornado moved right into Gatlinburg. An aquarium sustained damage.
EF1 Idaho Falls ID Bonneville Rope Tornado.
EF2 Pocatello ID Bannock Rope tornado
EF1 Asheville NC Buncombe Brief touchdown
EF2 Jackson KY Breathitt Rope tornado
EF1 Jackson WY Teton Brief touchdown
EF2 Mason City IA Cerro Gordo Stayed over a rural area.
EF1 Hoover Dam NV Clark Trees were snapped or uprooted.

February 14 event Edit

EF# Location State County/Parish Info.
EF0 Hawthorne NV Mineral Brief touchdown