Cyclone Estelle was a deadly Cyclone that killed 24 people in Indiana.

Cyclone Estelle
Major Cyclone (NHC)

Estelle making landfall on Indiana
Formed June 29
Dissipated July 1
Accumulated Cyclone Energy Not Calculated
Highest winds 115
Lowest pressure 948 mbar
Damages $5.0 billion
Direct Fatalities {{{direct fatalities}}}
Indirect Fatalities {{{indirect fatalities}}}
Missing 0
Areas affected Indiana
Part of the
{{{hurricane season}}}

Tornadoes Edit

EF# Location Time Info
EF2 Michigan City 0213-0217 2 deaths - A large tornado associated with Cyclone Estelle, hit Michigan City causing unprecedented havoc. The tornado damaged several homes and buildings throughout the town.
EF0 WSW of Pinhook 0543-0544 A brief tornado damaged a shed SW of Pinhook.
EF3 South Haven 0821-0839 5 deaths 75% of South Haven was damaged or destroyed. A car was thrown into a grocery store.
EF1 Dune Acres 1010-1012 A small tornado downed trees and made dunes shift.
EF0 Portage 1014-1014 Brief touchdown.
EF0 Portage (2nd twister) 1015-1015 Brief touchdown.

Meteorological History Edit

June 29 Edit

On June 29, Depression 05-L formed. It became Cyclonic Storm Estelle. Estelle started to make a loop as it strengthened. Estelle became a Cyclone late that day.

June 30 Edit

The next day, Estelle became a Major Cyclone. Estelle made landfall on Indiana and caused 6 tornadoes. Estelle caused some flooding. Estelle started to weaken over Indiana.


Estelle's path.

July 1 Edit

On July 1, Estelle weakened into a Cyclonic Storm and dissipated near Portage, Indiana.

Aftermath Edit

Indiana Edit

17 people were killed while swimming in Michigan City, and 2 tornadoes killed 7 people in both Michigan City and South Haven.

Retirement Edit

In the mid-year retirement, 162MC announced the retirement of the name Estelle. The name will be replaced by Elise for 2021.

See Also Edit

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