Cyclone Donald was the 4th named storm, 3rd Cyclone, and the 2nd major cyclone. Cyclone Donald impacted Chicago at Category 5 strength, killing 13 people, and caused $12.0 billion.

Cyclone Donald
Major Cyclone (NHC)
Typhoon 22W (Cimaron) 2006-10-29 06-00

Donald at peak strength.
Formed June 25
Dissipated June 28
Accumulated Cyclone Energy Unknown
Highest winds 160
Lowest pressure 899 mbar
Damages $12.0 billion
Direct Fatalities {{{direct fatalities}}}
Indirect Fatalities {{{indirect fatalities}}}
Missing 2
Areas affected Chicago, Indiana
Part of the
{{{hurricane season}}}

Meteorological History Edit

On June 24, a tropical wave formed off Michigan. It strengthened into a tropical depression on the next day. The storm rapidly strengthened into Cyclonic Storm Donald in the next advisory. Donald still strengthened and took a path towards Illinois and Indiana.


The track.

Donald became a Cyclone the following day. After the day was over, Donald was a Category 5 tropical cyclone. Donald attained peak strength and then made landfall on Chicago.

Donald started to weaken on June 27 and dissipated on June 28.

Preparations and Impact Edit

Indiana Edit

In Gary, Indiana, people put sandbags on the coast of Lake Michigan. The waters were already high from torrential rain that had poured since the week before. 2 people were swept away while they put sandbags up. They have not been found. Donald brought 16" of rain in Gary and the surrounding towns.

Chicago Edit

In Chicago, 5 people died swimming in the Lake when the waves were up. They identified 2 of the people so far. In downtown, 4 people died walking in the storm. In a house in Aurora, A family of 4 drowned in their basement, when a tornado warning was posted for the town.

Retirement Edit

On July 2, 2019, WMO announced the mid-year retirement of Donald. The replacement name will be David for 2024.

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