8888 Atlantic hurricane season
First storm formed January 4, 8888
Last storm dissipated January 1 ,8889
Strongest storm Miami
Total depressions 15
Total storms 14
Hurricanes 7
Major hurricanes 4 (2 hyper canes)
Total damages US$8.731 trillion
Total fatalities 731,000

The 8888 Atlantic hurricane season was the annual event for hypercanes.

Season SummaryEdit

The first storm formed on January 4, 8888 and the last storm dissipated on January 2, 8888. The strongest storm was Miami (16005 mph). The 8888 Atlantic hurricane season produced 15 depressions, 14 of them became named storms, 7 of them were hurricanes and 4 were major hurricanes. Not only that these 4 major hurricanes were major and that were over Category-3 but 2 of them became hypercanes. The season left US$8.731 trillion dollars in damages and left over 731,000 fatalities.

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