2124 Atlantic hurricane season, was hyper-active, with 26 named storms forming, nearing 2005. 15 were hurricanes, 7 were major, and there were 2 depressions. The name Arthur were changed, to Andrio. Andrio had a erratic track, going up the Carolina coast, looping and intensifying into a Category 4, and soon going out to the Atlantic, causing slight damage and costs of $15000. Bertha intensified and became a hurricane, striking Pensacola with winds of 100-115 mph winds (though it was 100 in the postseason records). Hurricane Cristobal, a Category 4 also, struck Mexico powerfully causing damages up to 11.3bil. Tropical Storm Dolly again hit Texas this time as a Tropical Storm. Damages were up to 250mil. Hurricane Edouard was the first Category 5 of the season, avoiding land completely until it's extratropical demise near Europe. Fay never intensified past 40 mph winds, dying before landfall near Venice, Louisiana, but still causing heavy rain. Grevis intensified into a Category 1 hurricane, never making landfall within it's short life. The big storm of the season, Hurricane Hanna, struck the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), then made a very wide almost U-turn towards Louisiana, doing what Fay didn't do. Hanna was a Category 5 during both landfalls. It hit Mexico with winds of 160 mph, and soon Camron, Louisiana with winds of 180 mph.

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