2087 Atlantic hurricane season
First system formed April 9
Strongest storm {{{Strongest storm name}}} –
Total depressions At least 33
Total storms 33
Total fatalities Unknown
Total damage Unknown
Atlantic hurricane seasons
{{{five seasons}}}
The 2087 Atlantic hurricane season was the first season to use the revamped SSHWS. The season started with Tropical Storm Alexa and ended with Hurricane Theta. It ran from May 1 to December 15. Alexa and Brian were the only pre-season storms, while Theta was a December major hurricane, which are uncommon. The U, X, Y, and Z names were used for the first time in the Atlantic.
Revamped SSHS Scale
Intensity Winds (mph)
Tropical Depression <39
Tropical Storm 39-73
Category 1 hurricane 74-95
Category 2 hurricane 96-110
Category 3 major hurricane 111-129
Category 4 major hurricane 130-156
Category 5 major hurricane 157-194
Category 6 major hurricane 195-214
Category 7 major hurricane 215-255
Category 8 major hurricane >255


Hurricane AlexaEdit

Category 1 hurricane (SSHS)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration April 9 – April 12
Intensity 75 mph (120 km/h) (1-min),  981 mbar (hPa)
Formed near the Bahamas, made landfall in Florida as a TS, and strengthened into a category 1 until weaking into a TS and made landfall in Houston, Texas, before dissipating. $44 million in damage.

Hurricane BrianEdit

Category 1 hurricane (SSHS)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration April 24 – April 28
Intensity 85 mph (140 km/h) (1-min),  985 mbar (hPa)
Formed in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, made landfall in the Domincian Republic as a TS, intesfied into a C1 and then rapidly weakened and dissipated. $41 million in damage.

Hurricane CarlyEdit

Main article: Hurricane Carly
Category 6 hurricane (SSHS)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration June 30 – July 19
Intensity 195 mph (315 km/h) (1-min),  886 mbar (hPa)
Formed out in the Atlantic, rapidly intesified into a Category 5, intesfied to a Category 6, the first offical one, and made landfall in Georgia before dissipating. $88.3 billion in damage.

Extratropical Cyclone DanielEdit

Extratropical cyclone (NHC)
Category 4 equivalent storm
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration June 30 – July 9
Intensity 130 mph (215 km/h) (1-min),  1052 mbar (hPa)
Orginally thought to be a Category 4 hurricane but was extratropical.

Tropical Storm ErikaEdit

Tropical storm (SSHS)
Counterclockwise vortex
Duration July 1 – July 2
Intensity 60 mph (95 km/h) (1-min),  1000 mbar (hPa)
Stayed out to sea for its whole life.

Hurricane FranciscoEdit

Category 4 hurricane (SSHS)
Typhoon (2).jpg
Duration July 4 – July 21
Intensity 155 mph (250 km/h) (1-min),  922 mbar (hPa)
Formed out in the Atlantic, went southwest towards Haiti, strengthened to a C4 in the caribbean, went into the Gulf of Mexico and headed towards Florida, made landfall in Orlando as a C2, skirted through the east coast, and made landfall in southern New England before becoming extratropical.

Hurricane Gladica Edit

Category 1 hurricane (SSHS)
TS Bonnie 2004.jpg
Duration July 25 – August 1
Intensity 85 mph (140 km/h) (1-min),  988 mbar (hPa)
On July 25 a depression formed and quickly organized and was named Gladica.

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