Hurricane Alberto cat3 killed 0

Hurricane Beryl cat1 killed 7

Hurricane Chris cat3 killed 0

Hurricane Debby cat1 killed 0

Hurricane Ernesto cat3 killed 72

Hurricane Florence cat1 killed 2

Hurricane Gordon cat4 killed 4

Hurricane Helene cat1 killed 2

Hurricane Joyce cat1 killed 1

Hurricane Keith cat5 killed 1005

Hurricane Leslie cat5 killed 8320

Hurricane Michael cat4 killed 3

Hurricane Nadine cat2 killed 1

Hurricane Oscar cat1 killed 2

Hurricane Patty cat3 killed 0

Hurricane Rafael cat2 killed 0

Tropical Storm Sara killed 2

Retirement Edit

The WMO retired the names Keith and Leslie from the naming list the names were replaced by the names Ken and Lauren for the 2072 season.

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