2057 Atlantic hurricane season
First storm formed June 15
Last storm dissipated December 2
Strongest storm Renee 165 mph,899 mbar
Total depressions 18
Total storms 18
Hurricanes 11
Major hurricanes 5
Total damages 58.97B
Total fatalities 437

The 2057 Atlantic Hurricane Season was a very active hurricane season that tied with 2011. The 2057 season spawned a total of 18 storms, 10 became hurricanes, 4 of which were major. The season started on June 1 and ended November 30. It would have factored into the season total.

Season SummaryEdit

C2 - Ana C1 - Henri C1 - Odette

TS - Bill C5 - Ida TS - Peter

TS - Claudette TS - Julian C5 - Renee

C1 - Danny C4 - Kate SS - Sam

C3 - Eisa TS - Larry

TS - Fred C3 - Mindy

C1 - Grace C1 - Nicholas

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