The 2027 Hudson Valley Wildfires were two seperate burning fires burning; one fire was a minor wildfire that burned about 50,000 acres before being absorbed by the bigger wildfire, doubling the size instantly. Many people evacuated from the fire; the fire eventually reached a peak of 1079 mbar before slowly growing in size; the fire was extinguished on July 20, 2027 after almost four months of burning. Overall, 1224 were dead, 189 injured, and 349 missing, and it caused $1.84 billion in damages.



  • People evacuating from the wildfire as it demolishes Middletown, NY.
  • More people evacuating from New York City as the flames engulf the suburbs.
  • A fire plane burning out the last remains of the wildfire.
  • Firefighters battling the flame in Sundown State Park.
  • The fire demolishing the last remaining trailer in Tabletree Trailer Park.
  • The flame burning in a forest about two miles north of Accord, NY.

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