The 2025 Norman-Moore tornado was a high-end EF5 tornado that struck the cities of Norman and Moore, Oklahoma, in the late afternoon of May 19th, 2025. With peak winds of 253 miles per hour, it was the eleventh-deadliest tornado in the 2025 Hyper Outbreak and the second-strongest to strike the city of Moore in recorded history. Occuring roughly midway through the outbreak, the tornado was responsible for at least 51 fatalities and 236 injuries.

Several storm chasers were injured while filming the tornado, and emergency services faced significant difficulty in navigating the wreckage due to blocked roads and fallen power lines. The city of Norman was left without power for four days following the tornado; this, combined with direct damage and secondary damage due to flooding or hail made the Norman-Moore tornado one of the costliest of the outbreak.

Meteorological synopsis Edit

Due to the size of the storm system that produced the tornado, contrast of warm and cold air masses within the system itself produced extreme instability as the summer of 2025 approached.