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Date March1 7, 2024
Time 0943 UTC
Duration 52 seconds
Magnitude 7.4
Depth 23 km
Epicenter {{{epicenter}}}
Type Thrust
Areas affected {{{areas}}}
Total damages $185 billion
Maximum intensity VII
Foreshocks {{{foreshocks}}}
Aftershocks {{{aftershocks}}}
Total casualties {{{casualties}}}

The 2024 tokyo earthquake was a devastating event that took place during the mid morning of March 17, 2024 on the local Fuji Fault, which sits underneath Mt Fuji. The earthquake lasted for 52 seconds,and casued extensive damages, collapsing thousands of buildings in the process. Miraulously, only 104 people were killed by the disaster, even though it is the second costliest natural disaster on record, behind the 1995 Kobe earthquake.

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