2016 Brazilian Quake
Earthquake Building Damage (2)

Building Damage was seen within 250 miles of the Quake Epicenter
Date April 20th, 2016
Time 5:50 AM
Duration 30-35 Seconds
Magnitude 8.0 (moment magnitude scale)
Depth 16km
Epicenter Near Sao Palo, Brazil
Type Strike-Slip
Areas affected Brazil, Primarily the Sao Palo Area
Total damages Around $45 billion
Maximum intensity VIII - Intense
Foreshocks Unknown
Aftershocks 590 - which lasted till the end of August.
Total casualties 600 dead, 317 injured, 250 missing

The 2016 Brazilian Quake was a Devastating Quake that Struck Brazil, primarily in the Sao Palo Area.


South America has been known for it's Geographic Changes, Tectonics and Powerful Earthquakes.

One such Earthquake was observed about Five Years Earlier on the Opposite side of South America.

The EventEdit

  • Shaking was felt as Far North as Venezuela.
  • One Road was Split Six Feet Apart by the Ruptured Fault
  • Near Total Building Collapses were Observed in Northern Sao Palo