The 2016 Atlantic hurricane was a active seaon that began on June 1 and ended on November 31.

2016 Atlantic hurricane season (Doug)/cnacelled
First storm formed TBA
Last storm dissipated TBA
Strongest storm TBA
Total depressions TBA
Total storms TBA
Hurricanes TBA
Major hurricanes TBA
Total damages TBA
Total fatalities TBA

Timeline Edit

wikipedia:Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Storms Edit

Hurricane Alex Edit

Category 1 hurricane (SSHS)
Hurricane Isaac Aug 28 2012 1945Z.jpg Alex 2016 dougv track.png
Duration June 1 – June 10
Intensity 95 mph (150 km/h) (1-min),  993 mbar (hPa)

Hurricane Bonnie Edit

Category 2 hurricane (SSHS)
20080715 1215 goes12 x vis1km 02LBERTHA 60kts-995mb-353N-630W 100pc.jpg Bonnie 2016 Dougv track.png
Duration June 5 – June 13
Intensity 110 mph (175 km/h) (1-min),  993 mbar (hPa)

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