Credit to User:Bobnekaro for creating arctic cyclone seasons this just my own so credit to BobNekaro. The 2016-17 Arctic cyclone season is an active event event that will begin on November 1 and end on April 1.

2016-17 Arctic cyclone season (Doug)/Discontinued
First storm formed July 6
Last storm dissipated Ongoing
Strongest storm Angel
Total depressions 1
Total storms 1
Hurricanes 0
Major hurricanes 0
Total damages $0
Total fatalities 0

Season Outlook Edit

Angel has formed from the depression and will move over greenland into the main ocean part were it could become a hurricane and make landfall in Greenland as a major storm. Otherwise no cyclone activity is expected

Storms Edit

Tropical storm (SSHS)
Duration July 6 – Currently Active
Intensity 65 km/h (40 mph) (1-min),  1007 hPa (mbar)

Polar Storm Angel Edit

Names Edit

These are the names used to name Arctic Cyclones that form. Any unused names are marked in gray. If a name is marked in Bold it means that storm with that name is active. any names with a normal text is already dissipated

  • Angel
  • Bow (unused)
  • Christmas  (unused)
  • Dancer (unused)
  • Enlightment (unused)
  • Frost (unused)
  • Grinch (unused)
  • Hollybush (unused)
  • Icicle  (unused)
  • Jingle (unused)
  • Kwanzaa  (unused)
  • Light (unused)
  • Merry (unused)
  • Night (unused)
  • Ornament (unused)
  • Present (unused)
  • Rudolf (unused)
  • Santa (unused)
  • Tinsel (unused)
  • Vixen (unused)
  • Wish (unused)

Retirement Edit

Any retired names will be announced in spring of 2017.

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