2003 Atlantic hurricane season
First storm formed May 21
Last storm dissipated January 10, 2004
Strongest storm Mindy
Total depressions 25
Total storms 24
Hurricanes 14
Major hurricanes 6
Total damages $156 billion (record)
Total fatalities 11,000+

2003 Atlantic hurricane season was an extremely active season using names all the way up to Gamma. It featured the most storms in November as well in December. Hurricane Ana was a hurricane that hit Florida near peak strength. Tropical Storm Erika killed 39 in Texas due to flooding, and was retired, being the second tropical storm retired. Hurricane Isabel was a strong category 4 hurricane that neared the coast, but never made landfall. Hurricanes Larry and Mindy were category 5 hurricanes that slammed the gulf coast one week after Tropical Storm Kate. Mindy killed 11,000+ people and caused $114 billion, becoming the costliest storm on record. Hurricane Odette nearly wiped Bermuda off the map, but Odette wasn't retired. Hurricane Wanda hit Florida as a Category 2 hurricane and caused minor damage. Hurricanes Alpha and Beta formed on the same day and caused a rare fujiwhara effect. Beta hit Cuba on November 24. The final storm, Tropical Storm Gamma, formed on December 29. Gamma kept heading for the Gulf Coast until it made landfall on January 8. Gamma finally ended the season on January 10.

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